Circle of Justice Annual Membership to Benefit Legal Aid
Inaugural Membership 2015 – 2016

  • Mr. Alan Ahren
  • Mr. R. Bruce Anderson
  • Ms. Anna Bryant
  • Ms. Michele Calder
  • Mr. John P. Cardillo
  • Mr. Curtis Cassner
  • Mr. Edward K. Cheffy
  • Ms. Jane Y. Cheffy
  • Ms. Kelly Davis
  • Mr. Donald Day
  • Ms. Tina Eckert
  • Mr. Larry Farese
  • Mr. and Ms. John and Julie Fisher
  • Ms. Ann E. Frank
  • Mr. Yale T. Freeman
  • Ms. Maria Gal
  • Mr. Tim Hains
  • Ms. Sharon Hanlon
  • Ms. Elizabeth Hazelbaker
  • Ms. Michelle Hill
  • Com. Georgia Hiller
  • Mr. Gregory T. Holtz
  • Ms. Lavigne Ann Kirkpatrick
  • Mr. Thad Kirkpatrick
  • Mr. Anthony M. Lawhon
  • Ms. Cathy L. Lucrezi
  • Mr. G. Carson McEachern
  • Ms. Maggie McMorrow
  • Ms. Lisa Mead
  • Mr. Jim Morey
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Nackley
  • Ms. Francesca Passeri
  • Rep. Kathleen Passidomo
  • Mr. John M. Passidomo
  • Ms. Cheryl Payne
  • Ms. Shelley Perry
  • Andrew Reiss
  • Ross, Lanier & Deifik, P.A.
  • Mr. Brad Rigor
  • Ms. Lorna Scharlacken
  • Mr. Shawn Seliger
  • Ms. Kimberly Spiker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Cathy Stockinger
  • Mr. Robert Stommel
  • Ms. Tammy Strohl
  • Mr. Damian Taylor
  • Ms. Christyna Torrez
  • Ms. Rebecca Vaccariello
  • Mr. Pieter Van Dien
  • Mr. Eric Vasquez
  • Joel and Zondra Whittenhall

Become a Member Today!

Legal Aid is proud to introduce the Circle of Justice, an annual membership program benefitting Legal Aid Service of Collier County. Your membership in the Circle of Justice will ensure that Legal Aid is able to continue its mission to provide free legal assistance to the most vulnerable members of our community on life-changing matters of health, safety, and minimum economic security.

The Circle of Justice is not just for lawyers. Anyone who is committed to the principles of equal justice and fairness is welcome to join the Circle and show their support.

Circle of Justice Members will be recognized by Legal Aid on its website, in social media, and on a plaque commemorating the annual membership roster which will hang in Legal Aid’s Naples office.

Join the Circle today with a minimum pledge of $100 and stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Contact us to find out more, or call (239) 298-8130.