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Many low-income clients need Legal Aid’s free legal services to fight unfair, unjust, illegal, and inequitable actions or claims by those who try to exploit or take advantage of them. These clients in need require Legal Aid to level the playing field and give them a fair shot in exercising their rights against bureaucracies and well-funded opponents on the other side – including government agencies, lenders, corporations, and others.

Legal Aid provides services regarding the following areas of Consumer Law:

  • Resolution of contract claims and disputes, including small claims
  • Consumer fraud
  • Defending against Wage Garnishment
  • Unfair lending practices
  • Lemon Law – return of defective autos
  • Identity Fraud
  • Defending claims against unlicensed or unethical repair contractors of fraudulent vendors
  • Elder abuse and economic crimes against seniors
  • Defending against Car Repossession
  • Credit repair
  • Driver’s license restoration
  • Illegal or unenforceable contracts
  • Disaster Relief Project