As a tribute to her lifelong dedication to public service and the lasting impact her legal career has had in Southwest Florida and on  the thousands of lives she bettered through her skillful and compassionate practice as a Legal Aid attorney, Legal Aid Service of Collier County proudly announced at the annual Barrister’s Bash Gala on May 4, 2023, that Cathy Lucrezi would be the inaugural recipient of the Excellence in Public Service Award.

This award will be named after her to honor her memory into perpetuity and to inspire the call to service Cathy followed.

Legal Aid Service of Collier County would like to acknowledge  and thank the following donors who generously made a gift to support Legal Aid to honor the legacy of the work Cathy performed for our agency for more than 8 years and her life of service:

Alexis Barkis | Blake Kirkpatrick | Bryan DuBon | Chad Atkins | Dayna Webre | Dr. Rebecca Rock | Elizabeth Humann | Erica Baines | Erna Milien | Felix Mahher | Gary Green | Harry Heist | Judge Janeice T. Martin | Judge Joseph Foster | Judge Shannon McFee | Julie Kukk | Katie Kohn | Kelley Price | Kerry McClure | Kim Spiker | Kristen King Jaiven | LA McGeorge | Lori Bassano | Mark Klym | Marshall Bender | Mike Dal Lago | Patrick Neale | Sara White | Trisha Hare | William Lynn

Anyone who would like to make a gift in honor of Cathy Lucrezi and in support of LASCC can do so by clicking the button below: