Do Pro Bono your way with Legal Aid!  We have a wide range of opportunities that fit your situation and legal expertise – from telephone or Zoom advice and counsel sessions to pro se assistance clinics, legal document preparation, to full representation in litigation.  You control your schedule, time commitment, and level of service.  Many of our pro bono attorneys can provide advice and counsel from the comfort of their home or office.  Others find great satisfaction representing clients in court and providing life-changing free assistance.

Learn about pro bono case opportunities available for you to take right away that to match your abilities with clients in need!

  • Step 1 – Register
  • Step 2 – We will send you a link to access the full menu of available pro bono case opportunities
  • Step 3 – Email us with your choice of case
  • Step 4 – We will email you conflicts check information
  • Step 5 – Email us to confirm no conflict
  • Step 6 – We will email you client contact info and case info to get started

This process is fast and easy and has been designed for your convenience!  Contact us right now with any questions you may have about the Collier Lawyers Care Pro Bono Program.